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The Legislacerator by hyamei
by hyamei

Your color technique is beautiful and just wow I can't think of anything truly wrong with it. The colors are gorgeous and vivid and wor...

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2015 - Let's make it a better one.
FMA - Screencap Redraw of Roy and Riza by MissCaltra
FMA - Screencap Redraw of Roy and Riza
I tried, what can you say. I always do too much - time to scale down my detail and efforts, draw more from life, and get better and better.

Fullmetal Alchemist (c) Hiromu Arakawa
Drawn in Adobe Photoshop
VNP - Hallway Background by MissCaltra
VNP - Hallway Background
College has started - my first semester passed by eventfully, terribly, fantastically. Jesuchristo, college is ridiculous and amazing and my life has started a brilliant new era. Part of this was a new era in my art life. I have basically stopped academic art, toyed with the idea of a science-based career, spent late nights watching indie movies, got an internship at the campus museum, cried and cried and cried, met fantastic, bright people who I know made my life for the better. I've practically stopped drawing and playing piano. I've noticed the change in my mood and my newfound uptight nature. 

This is my pact to start again.

Part of this pact is to start seriously working on this visual novel project with two of my friends. So far, I'm head of art, doing backgrounds and characters. I've been a fan of yuumei's webcomics for a long time, and I hope to incorporate some of her stark flowing beauty into my own artwork. So far, this dim gray background doesn't really show it, but the visual novel will be teeming with life. Politics in the student body can only lead to sparks in the greater environment. 

I keep on saying "More of this to come!!" but never follow through. So let's say that I shall keep no promises, but hope that more shall occur. 2015 should bring more of this into my world.

Drawn in Adobe Photoshop
PMMM - Homura by MissCaltra
PMMM - Homura
A while back the palette challenge was going around tumblr and I got a request for Homura in #48 (I think). This is an old sketch, from when the trailers were coming out for the third Madoka Magica movie - Rebellion - and I've always wanted to color it.
One thing - there's a reason why they call it a palette ~challenge~ and that's because I found this ridiculously hard! It was a good exercise and I want to do more, but wow was it hard to be limited to only five colors!
Willow Springs Lake by MissCaltra
Willow Springs Lake
I went camping with my family the other week and I tried my hand at plein air painting - which is hard as heckie because you have to move fast and work quickly and catch everything you can before it fades. This took me about two hours, a terrible sunburn on my right arm, and a lot of stress because when I started this painting, it was nice and sunny out, but closer to the end I was trying to finish the water and the rocks and the overall tone of the piece and I could hear the thunder and lightning of an approaching storm. My mom and I ran back to the tent as fast as we could because we knew that a storm was about to fall, and about half a mile from the campsite, the large droplets began to fall. I got completely drenched and had to carry the painting upside down, covered in a tourist hat, through the rain, through the woods, to get to relative safety to our tent (which sunk in a puddle. It was dry and warm inside, but to get to it we had to create a bridge out of rocks across the natural moat).
But overall I loved camping, I loved painting plein air, and I wish that I could go and do it again. The heat of my hometown doesn't let me do it, but I'm sure that in Russia and in college I'll have more opportunities to do stuff like this!!

Gouache on canvas
2 hours
Willow Springs Lake, Arizona


MissCaltra's Profile Picture
Artist | Student
Just your usual "I drew as a kid and still continue drawing now" artist. On my way to a career in animation, frequently make fanart of things, very low-rate submitter of art. Have a nice day.

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